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Anne Martin on BT Today!

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MeshU on April 6th!

MushU is on April 6th!

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WineAlign 2.0 – Coming March 9th

We’re very excited about our upcoming software release. We’re calling this WineAlign 2.0 and it will include lots of new functionality and the ability to get more ‘social’ with WineAlign.

Changes include:

  • Inclusion of all general list wines
  • New menu structure
  • New home page with improvements to allow you to follow friends activities on the site
  • Ability to see a profile and a listing of all wine reviews for a critic and user
  • A new, Twitter-like Follower/Following way to track and adjust influences on your wine scores
  • Shopping Lists and Favourites
  • Ability to search ALL stores
  • User Forums
  • Blogs and links to Ontario wine bloggers
  • Wine Cellar improvements
  • Mobile improvements: Shopping Lists and Searches
  • Summary screens for all critics
  • Wine Agent and Winery pages
  • New friend referral program. Anytime a friend you invited subscribes to WineAlign you will receive a one month credit to the premium service.

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We’re blushing!

Below is a sample of the feedback we have received from WineAlign users.

  • Wow! This site looks like a breakthrough in wine research and purchasing! I’ve always found it a royal pain in the *@% having to cross reference between the review site, the Vintages inventory site and my cellar tracking program. Now along you come with a one stop solution. Brilliant! The multiple reviewers are great, and the ability to weigh them differently is sheer genius! Bravo. – Bill
  • Great site! Fun, easy and intuitive to use. I found it a really helpful resource in making a decision on my wine purchase. – Jeff
  • I think the site concept is great and your current version is very useful and well thought out. – Carl
  • What a great concept, one stop review shopping and sourcing-brilliant! – Dan
  • The site is built very well and the searching is quick and easy. I enjoy the back-end link to the LCBO inventory list. – Alfred
  • Love your site! – Birgitta
  • Love the site. My Wine Access subscription ends shortly and I’ll be moving over when it does. – Peter
  • Nice site & a great idea! – Steve
  • I think this is a great site. – David
  • I’ve been looking for a site like this for some time. It’s always been incredibly frustrating not to search the stock of a specific store via the LCBO site – I typically spend 30-45 minutes perusing the vintages section of my local store trying to find the right structure + flavour profile in the price range I want. Then all I have to go by the insipid tags showing one critic’s profession of love for the wine. As much as I like our local LCBO staff, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to see multiple reviews from multiple sources on a wine. AWESOME.

    I can’t thank you enough for putting this site together. Pricing structure for membership is great. The web design is clean and straightforward to use. Keep up the great work, I am telling all of my friends and family about the site in hopes they sign up. I would love to see a plethora of user reviews for the wines I look at to supplement the professional critics! Thank you again! – Chris

  • The reviews provided by multiple critics have given me the confidence to pick up several bottles of each selection before even tasting them. You should be getting commission from the LCBO; over the past 3 months, my $300 wine budget for that period has grown to $700. The critics’ reviews along with the link to my local LCBO inventory makes it way too easy to spend money! – Randy

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WineAlign Reviews

Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir 2008